Home Page Pays / SCAM?

29 Sep
Most of us have been on the Internet for some time now and have seen all those ads about making money or have our email flooded with how to get paid for doing this or that on the Internet only to click on a link and find some guy selling some product that you cannot get off his page without killing the browser or turning off the computer.
     Well let me talk about Home Page Pays.  Let me start by saying what Home Page Pays is not.  Home Page Pays is not a web page full of ads that will kill all your time and fun being online.  We have all been to a website that is filled with ads and has no real content about the subject you were wanting to read about.  You may find a couple of sentences at the bottom of the page after making it past 30 adds.  Home Page pays has a small ad at the bottom of the screen as you can see in my videos.  We do pay you a portion of the revenue from that ad and it is not going to kill you to click on the add and check it out when it is of interest to you.
Home Page Pays is not one of those Companies that tells you that if you click right here you have won a ipad and all you have to do is fill out survey which ends up to be 20 pages of personal information to send you hundreds of junk email trying to sell you insurance and online education, etc…etc.  We have all seen this kind of thing where they hook you in with a free offer and then just keep sending you to the next page and telling you that the only way you will get that free offer is to sign up for at least 2 of these free offers that will end up costing you enough money to buy 3 ipads.  NO….Home Page Pays is not that type of Company.  Home Page Pays does offer to put you into a drawing to win prizes like a ipad, itouch and xbox game system.  The only thing that gets you into the drawing to win is to either sign up at one of our pages or on the Home Page Pays Free Product you can send this FREE product to you friends and get entered into the drawing.
What we are…… Let me explain.  Yes we do have an AD but you as a user will earn 5% of the revenue from that ad.  Watch my videos for more explanation on how we pay.  Representatives get paid from add money also.  What we are is a Company that has a huge inventory of FREE products like Games, Virus free Software, My University which contains thousands of tutorial videos from pre-school knowledge to College course videos from University’s like Yale and MIT.  The content we are sharing online with our FREE members is worth thousands of dollars.
     What we are is a company that has put together a platform online to do at least these 5 things:
1. Pay the FREE user a portion of the money from the ad he sees or clicks. That is called Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression.  (used by Google and Facebook to generate money for them)
2. Give every user a chance to use our thousands of dollars worth of products at no cost.
3. Make your Online experience better than it has ever been so you will share it with your friends.
4. Help thousands of people earn money giving away this FREE product during the current troubled economic times.
5. Make an impact on the lives of every person that uses our product….both financially and mentally.
Home Page Pays is going to be a household name within a few months and you will be seeing it all over the Internet and on every computer and smartphone as we move into the future.  Our goal is to give this product away to as many people as we can so they can benefit from everything as soon as possible.  We will keep this Clean and Free from Scams and Gimmicks.
Is Home Page Pays a Scam?  NO
This is the Real deal…no gimmicks or scams in this program.  Making a real deal for every user.  Finally You can get paid to use the Internet.  Finally a real Business Online.

One Response to “Home Page Pays / SCAM?”

  1. steveshoemaker April 14, 2012 at 6:31 pm #

    This really is an awesome system and you really lay out there very plainly anyone should be proud to be apart of this company

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