Home Page Pays CEO set to Change Internet

3 Sep

Home Page Pays set to become a household name.  CEO of Smart Media Technologies David Martin set to Change the Internet.  Representatives of Smart Media Technologies (SMT) are asking everyone they know the keywords from SMT CEO David Martin.  Does your Home Page Pay?  Home Page Pays does.

Home Page Pays Video.

For years we have spent time on our computers looking at Facebook, Google, Yahoo just to mention a few.  We set our home page to the place we visit the most and every website wants to be that first place you land on when you sign online.  If you are like me you set your home page to a search engine so you can type in the search fast.  That is the reason you jumped on the computer.  Mine is set for Google.  I have yet to get a check in the mail for making my home page Google.

What if you could get paid by the company you choose to make your home page.  Sound like a pipe dream.  Well it is here.  David Martin is set to release Home Page Pays.  September 2011 is set for the release and they are putting on the final touches before the flood gates are opened.  This new product will have all the bells and whistles like you have never seen before.

Home Page Pays is going to pay the Free user a small portion of the advertising revenue from pay-per-click and pay per impressions from the companies advertising.  Not Google, Aol, Yahoo or any other company online is paying you to make them your home page.  For the Representatives they will be making more money from the advertising companies and a portion of the ad money for bringing free users to the site.

What will keep people using Home Page Pays as their home page?  Well, David Marin answers this question very easily.  He lets you know that he is giving away ad dollars and prizes but that is only the icing on the cake.  Mr. Martin and Smart Media Technologies is setting up Home Page Pays to make all the Smart Media Desktop content available to the Free user connecting with Home Page Pays.  That right.  My University with the knowledge video library to learn for kids to seniors.  With subjects from ABC’s for little kids to Lectures from Yale University on Business and Banking.  There is always learning videos for every subject.  If games are your thing then take a look and see the wide variety of games for free that are compiled in one safe place.

There are many people who are hooked on using the one browser that really does it for them and they will stand for no other browser.  They need the Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.  Well they will not be left out with Home Page Pays.  Mr. Martin has made it possible for you to keep using the Browser you love or you can use the SMT Super Browser which is 5 times faster than any other Browser on the market.  That’s right keep your browser and still be part of the Home Page Pays and make money on the Internet and get all the benefits of the Smart Media Desktop.  The Best of Both Worlds.

We are just days before he opens the door on this program.  Visit the website listed below and become a part of the team that will be earning a living giving this away to the world.

Home Page Pays


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